Thank you for visiting our mantel page. We are finish carpenters, also known as trim carpenters, serving Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra, and Amelia in Florida. We have built many custom mantels over the years and have designed around all kinds of elements and obstacles, but we still maintained the beauty a focal point such as a fireplace deserves. Often we have found that the space allowed to build the mantel is limited, making it very difficult to design a well proportioned mantel. Below you will see many original mantels that were built for homes in the Jacksonville area. Please call David Furukawa Contact Information.or E-mail David Furukawa

We would like to introduce you to our Pre-Manufactured Mantels that are proportionally well-designed. The dimensions are included so the walls can be framed correctly making the installation process “seamless.” These mantels are not limited by space because they were pre-determined before construction of the home. We can install these mantels in less than an hour, or we can delivery it to your home and let your trim carpenter install it. Our Website to the Mantels is

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As a family owned business, we thrive to give our customers the highest quality product and a personable experience. Serving the Jacksonville, St Augustine, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra, Amelia Island Florida Area, we specialize in residential and commercial construction ranging from bathroom and kitchen remodels to trim carpentry, crown molding, stairs, wainscot, coffered ceilings, and so much more.

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